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Jodie Davis

For as long as I can remember, the day never felt complete until I spent some time outside.  As a child, I’d follow the creek through the pasture behind our house, barefoot and looking for treasure.  As I grew older, I developed a love for horses and going riding with a friend through the hills brought me unending joy.  From summers at the lake to vacations in the Rocky Mountains, looking back I realize what an impact my experiences outdoors had on me. 


Today, as my husband and I raise our two children; Summit (5) and Wilder (2), it is easy to recognize the emphasis we put on time in nature.  In fact, this is what we love most about living in the Florida Panhandle.  The biodiversity this area offers is unmatched.  From kayaking in the bay to exploring the state forests, playing on the beach and swimming in the Gulf, our home is a treasure of dynamic resources.


As Summit grows older, I observe her curiosity develop organically.  I listen to her questions and am in awe of her perception.  Her natural wonders of ‘how' and ‘why’ and 'what if' are innately tested and reasoned with application from her own life experience.  As a mother, it gives depth and purpose to my life.  As an educator, it widens my eyes and sparks hundreds of my own questions… those same questions of 'how' and 'why' and 'what if'.


What if we really can learn through exploring beyond classroom walls?  How can we foster natural curiosity and nurture creative ideas?  Why isn’t this being offered here in my own community - where we can spend the majority of our days outside, exploring the land and the sea? What if education really can look like this?  Why not here? Why not me? Why not now?


These questions.

This experience.

These children.

This backdrop. 


These are the things that propel my life's adventure; one that I believe my children will one day reflect back on and recognize what a wonderful impact it has had on their own lives.



Carroll University 

Bachelors of Science:

Elementary Education

Minor:  Social Studies


Magna Cum Laude

Education Award for Excellence

Work History 


A Simple Faith

Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Children’s Director

*Prepare and implement Sunday School curriculum for children ages 5-12


Airstream Academy 

Point Washington, FL

*Design and execute curriculum for VPK students in an outdoor setting

*Foster the developmental needs of multi-age students within a “one room airstream”


Ohana Institue

Inlet Beach, FL

Middle Years Teacher

* Collaborate with teaching team to develop interdisciplinary, project based curriculum 

* Plan and implement innovative Middle Years program with mixed learning groups 

* Create authentic forms of assessment to target a variety of learning styles

* Cultivate a safe environment for students to develop an understanding of their individuality while making connections to their community 


Reading and Math Interventionist

*Develop & Facilitate Math & Reading Response to Intervention for students grades K-4

*Use a variety of manipulatives and kinesthetic activities to support learning 

DeForest Area School District

 Madison, WI


Innovation Architect

*Consult with local school district and community to play and develop “Innovation Zone” K5-5 Charter School

*Participate in the planning, development, and execution of the National Conference on Educational Innovation & the Midwest Arts Integration Conferen

Innovate Schools Network

Madison WI


Lead Teacher/Administrator (2014 - 2015)

* 13 Teachers, 70 Students, 36 Families

*Develop school calendar and teacher/student schedules

*Tour, interview and select new families and students

*Lead staff retreats, developments and weekly meetings


Humanities Teacher (2011 - 2015)

*Grades 5-12

*Develop, facilitate & assess curriculum for core subjects including:  American Government, Economics, US History, World History

*Create & Implement Project Based Learning


Community Outreach Coordinator & Education Immersion Leader (2011 - 2015)

*Host service projects for students/families on local and global levels

*Develop & lead 18 students/families to Ecuador for service work

*Plan, organize, and execute student travel to nine countries on four continents

*Supervise and care for students while traveling abroad

*Provide on-the-ground education opportunities while traveling

Ohana Institute

Rosemary Beach, FL


4th Grade Teacher

-Design and implement math and science curriculum

Butler Elementary

Santa Rosa Beach, FL

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